Tuning and repairs

There's no point in having the best equipment if it's not maintained or fitted by the best! When you come to collect your equipment, we make sure that it fits just right for you ... giving you the best skiing experience!



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We can provide all tuning services at our Winterhaven outlet (Shuttle stop #3).

We can...

  • Hand edge with precision Sun Valley Ski Tools, custom base bevel and edge angle, sidewall strip and edge polish – hand is the best and only way to edge. We use Toko and Icecut files and Moonflex Diamonds for the best finish.
  • Base grinding for all skis and boards. We can belt grind and stone grind to perfect flatness and a finish like new. Our computer controlled Wintersteiger SBI stone dressing gives infinite stone finishes for bases to perform their best in all conditions.
  • Hot waxing and cleaning. Our all new Wax Future infra red hot waxer is the future of waxing.
  • Wax Future by Montana allows hot waxing of skis and boards without touching the ski base with an iron. It replictates and exceeds the absorption of wax as per the current methods of hot boxing and ironing.


  • Any wax can be applied safely without ruining the waxes characteristics through incorrect application temperature.
  • Higher wax penetration and absorption
  • Improved gliding capacity that lasts much longer

Race Tuning

We have all of the equipment and experience to deliver race ready equipment for all levels of skier. Call or email us your questions or drop instore to talk to one of our Technicians.

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